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We manage properties so you don’t have to.

Property management services is exclusively extended to the members of projects developed by Amaya with the aim of maintaining high standards of living.

ProServe’s team structure includes a Team Lead supported by several estate managers, supervisors, service technicians, accounting and administrative staff.

The shared resource model allows for lower cost and lower disruption of services during staff absence or change.

ProServe Services

Facilities management, society accounting,
compliance facilitation and maintenance support

Safely rent out your property

Many of our clients look to us for helping them with rental services as opposed to other rental agencies because they trust us in finding the type of clients who would integrate well in the desirable communities that we have created through our property developments. Since we manage our properties post-possession, we are able to extend property care services in an integrated way.

We help our clients with services such as locating tenants, lease management, rental property maintenance and more.

Gain access to quality on-demand services

Subscription based private housekeeping

Housekeeping services on demand are expected to become a luxury with time.

Investors and non-residents require a reliable option to remotely care for their property.

Part-time residents, rental tenants or expats unfamiliar with local services can benefit from professionally run reliable housekeeping options.

With ProServe you can get housekeeping services to our clients on a subscription basis. Services can be daily, weekly or monthly and can be a mix of options.

Interior furnishing support

In select projects we offer pre-packaged interior furnishing options to help clients who wish to outsource the entire process. Some benefits of using our pre-packaged interior furnishing options are as follows:

  • Developer-assisted approach allows for smoother integration of plumbing and electrical changes
  • Developer driven supervision
  • Pre-negotiated rates with developer approved vendors including white goods.
    Rental-friendly options possible with this option

Need custom services? We can refer you to an approved third party interior designer for customised services.